Auntie Fuck me with Her Boyfriend – First time Gang-Bang

My name is Madhu Sharma, a plain girl living in a small town, a good girl, the people of the whole community say good and direct, but I know only how straight I am … I like to talk and hear things of fuck Sometimes it takes a look at the boys in the way, and thinks how strong a boy is … I wish, this chod gives me satisfaction in my mind!
At the same time, the sister-in-law had to go to such a time that when she used to have sex … I would have known of one of her movements, who is having fun with which sister-in-law at this time.

Similarly the days were cut. Whenever he goes to his sister-in-law … So I tried to listen to his sex heavy things, he would say – you are straightforward, you have no time to listen to these things!
Let’s say it away. But I used to listen to them.

There was a pond in my way of going to school, if I walked, I would often see who was taking it. In the morning it was often used to sit on the banks near the pond for defecation, when the men used to sit there, then at the end, when one was out of there, one or the other one would see some cocks … long, black, thick, white all started looking and enjoying.
I was in the 12th class that the stitches were fitted with a boy from the next and we both started looking at chances. I had become a citizen of that time, often went to his house and started to amish the excuses of going to school; he licked my mamma for a long time, covered my pussy and with his hands dropped my wares and I came back to my house calm down Castes

This was going on for a long time but I had to enjoy the fuck from cocks.
And one thing … let me tell you … The first night of my pussy fuck was that when I went out of the house to watch the video movie on VCR in a nearby house in my neighborhood then my landlord’s The boy had lured me to the roof and had taken it to the roof, he tried to fuck me there, at that time I had a lot of pain but I did not enjoy it, that mother of the mother did not even get dressed!

It was a matter of many months, and now I was thinking of taking my cock. So I called the next boy, who had fitted my stitches, to the house in a sleepy house near his house and he got ready.
We both waited for the evening, became dark and I wear my skirt and shirt and wrapped a shawl and started moving around the house. Only then did I see him coming and ran and went inside the house.

After waiting for a long time, he came in slowly and fell into my chest and started throwing one of my clothes. I even completely wiped it and both of them started warming themselves up inside a shawl. Both of them began to caress each other’s sex orgy, which is called as pussy and cocks.

Then he started to rub the cock near my pussy.
I started nudge – no, this is sin, I will not fuck
But in my mind the laddoos were breaking that I would enjoy the whole fuck today!

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He kept his cocks in the middle and I breathed deeply in fear of nervousness, excitement and passion, he hit a slight push, a small part of the cock went inside my pussy.
She clapped with me and I trembled, she also started shaking in hot pussy while filling hot hot breath, her whole cord got into my pussy, I started to fuck with pleasure because I had my pussy, finger, pencil, pen And the radish carrots were put and put open. So the name of the pain was not.
She loved me a lot, I loved it very much. For a long time, she used to fuck me and after that both of us calm down and started to do the other. And then, wearing clothes, one by one went out of that house.

What was it now? We used to use both time to make it sound mindful, sometimes in that house, then somewhere, looking at some other place, I started enjoying the pleasure of the same boy!

In the meantime, I came to the discussion, then it does not hide if these things are hidden … and my father has done my marriage in the fraternity.

But within a few months, my husband began to feel embarrassed, he started to quarrel among us, even though he also wished me well, but I started fighting and came back home and spent all my time in the house. There was nothing good with me, my fuck was not happening. I used to finger the sexuality in my mouth, but the taste of the cock which I have tasted, what fun does it get from the finger!


In the meantime, my mother’s friend came to visit our city with her husband. She had come for the first time, mother introduced me to her and I became friends with her. I started calling them aunt and uncle.
There were no children of aunt, had been married for nearly eight years, uncle used to work in a factory.

My mother has told me my whole story till now.
He said – no matter, we arrange it. Why do not you send it to my house, so that the atmosphere will change and maybe some sort of solution will be there!

Mother agreed with her friend I wish there were some changes in my life. And we left for their city. But he had only two reservations in the train. He took me the ticket and sat with me.
It was a 24-hour journey, we got a seat in the middle and middle, we started traveling all three, we started chatting, lots of fun and laughing … I began to feel like mind and good things felt.
It was evening, everyone was sitting in their seats, in a while they ate all the food and began to sleep, the cold began to grow.
We had only two blankets, one was picked up from his feet, and one of the warts took the other blanket and grabbed it and gave it to me.

I sat near the window, aunt raised my legs and kept it in the lap of my head and wrapped the blanket. Shortly after the light of the train started to take off and the cold began to grow.

At that time I felt that the aunt’s head was moving, I saw once, I realized that aunt had taken the coconut cock into her mouth and was slowly sucking it.
The warts got hot and stuck with me and their breath started moving fast, due to the sticking to me, I was feeling the heat of warts, that is why I took my back from their chest and the hand of Uncle would be with me I started touching my Mmons.

Instead of protecting myself, I started to feel more relaxed, they had the courage, they were touching my lips, and some of my silence allowed the warts to move forward. After a few minutes, the warts started opening the shirt button and putting the upper button in. Inside the hands, my cheeks began to relax. I felt like someone is a man’s hand. My whole toe was in his palm, which was rotating and he started rotting. My eyes started to become hot and dry, lips began to dry with lust and my watery water started to drop.
After a long time a man squeezed my lips.

My hands went down one by one and I started to touch my pussy which became wet and sticky. Only then did the body of warts start to blow and the warts got hold of my tongue tightly, I understood that aunt has taken all the cocks inside her mouth and the material of the warts has gone out.
One of the three of us was calm. It was a bit of a relief for the heart, but it was enough to cut the night.

The next morning we came home. The house was very beautiful, there was a house with its neighborhood and in which a boy was staying on rent.

Munaas went to work in the morning, we were engaged in our work. Aunt walked with the clothes and went to the ceiling and told me- you work down, I come from the top.
I started going up after a while, when aunt was talking to someone among the clothes.

I stayed there and looked stunned, listening to their words. Aunt was showing me behind a thin sari, she said, “Rohan, how much do you suffer without you!” Sadly, I did not feel like I was missing your love again and again. How have I spent my entire life without you? I only know.
“Yes the queen, I was also curious for you!” By saying this, Rohon dropped the gown down, the straw’s cloth was filled with a thin cloth of sari. Rohan’s hand was rolling under the pressure of the Mummy’s Mammon.
He started to enjoy, then in a short while the aunt leaned forward, he started putting cocks from behind and started sucking aunt.

Auntie- Ahhah Ahh Rohin … how much hurry! Today, Rohin will fill and fill the bag! Let me calm my mind!
“Yes Queen, you get so good fuck! It’s fun!”
“Yes, yes … and do it and yes IEE ah … just just cry, just do it!”

The aunt then stood up, Rohan started to mimic my aunt’s mom with both hands, the two began to kiss each other.

Rohan again bowed his aunt and got his duck in the mouth of aunt and then the Chodha Chodi started again. Seeing the big speed was getting fuck, my sight started becoming bad.
Aunt’s ass was clearly visible with a thin cloth, Rohan was pulling and pulling.

Then the aunt started filling up – Um … Ahhhhhh … yah … yeah … yeah … that’s just … Rohan just … got done … and a little longer … just go to bed!
And it happened, after eating a little shock, the aunty got quiet and I came back down.

Aunt came down in a while, her face was full of smile, as if she was satisfied. I was watching him, was very quiet and happy, I understood how it feels after a long fuck. I was seeing that Aunt’s face was full feeding.
I thought in my heart that I want to get Rohin!

Then I asked aunt – got it done?
Aunty was found – what work?
At the time of Auntie, his parrot flew.

“I went upstairs.”
“What did you see?”
If I was silent then Aunty understood that I have seen aunt sucking it. Then she broke up – what to do … husband does not have time, he is engaged in his work, he never sees whether he needs it or not, he does his work, the goods crumble and run. I was very sad, then one day Rohin gave me and the pleasure of sucking young man was something else. I gave my whole love to the husband, to Rohan. He used to have me used to suck cocks, what sticks to the style, makes me happy. I also obey her every thing. That’s why we are good friends today who take care of each other’s happiness.
Only then aunt said – please do not tell anyone about this!
I was silent.

Then aunt changed the thing and started to infuse the life behind me – well, how does your job work?
When I was quiet again, aunt was deemed to have been fucked for a long time.
Aunt quote: Let’s leave all this … we will do something new now!

And aunt gave me my clothes top and lagi … I never used to wear these clothes, we used to wear saris and suits before marriage, after the marriage only sari … even after being separated from her husband we used to wear saris only I!
I shrugged and said – these clothes? No baba na
Aunt – what happened? This will become the mardon to wear .. Only then will you come near you! Then make someone your own!
I do not say no, aunt quote – like I say, just do that … look again!
And forced me to wear those clothes.
I looked up and saw that he would take the top and big tights and how did he come on my body. The bulge of my mamas was visible very big, the ass was soaked from the leg.
Seeing me, aunt quote – Wow … What looks beautiful sexy man! By doing the same model from now on!

The next day aunt prepared me with great love, gave me gown, sing thin clothes, I worn her. How much tight was that gown, my mommy appeared to be full of stems, standing out from all the sides, and if I wanted to wear inside clothes by Sharma, then aunt refused. – Do not let me … You look beautiful, like a fairy! Let’s show you something!

And locking my room, aunt took me to the room in Rohin, she started saying – Rohin … Where? See who has come to you!
“O my guard … how beautiful you are looking for!” He said, “Fire in the heart! It is such a feeling that you can catch it now and love it!”
Aunt: What if I have not got to see you?
He woke up and carried forward his hand, I also said hello.

“Dude, drought is dry, do something special!” Aunt’s quote: Man, this poor girl has not been picked for a long time and has not taken any cocks, please make poor poor go!

Rohan said – why not, who can avoid talking to you!
By saying, Rohin spread his arm, aunt pushed me, I straightened her arms and started rubbing my body and pressing my body.
I started refusing, but both did not believe, Rohin started to cheer on the Gown.
I began to speak shyly – no no rohan … do not do it!

Called Rohan – my sweet honey queen, she told me all about you!
By saying this, Rohan removed his vest and pants. In the underwear of Rohin, how big a big cock appeared in front of me, I agreed – o mother … today I will not be able to escape! This will leave me alone!

I was thinking that how Rohan used to take me in my arms, my mamma was cautious.
On the other hand, Aunt left the room and closed the door.

There was no one else except me and me, Rohan began to wear my clothes, in an instant, we started standing alone in the lap of each other, how did she start doing all over my body, I started kissing every part of her bare body. We both were quite hot.

Then Rohan brought his underwear slogan and brought his cock to my chest, I began to wonder how tall and thick it was! The tallest and tallest cock ever was’
I was playing quietly with his or her limbs.

Only then he pulled me towards me and licked my cock in my lap and started to feel inside me.
I screamed loudly- IiEEIUI … Umm … Ahhhhhh … yah … Ahh Rohan, take it out … It’s big enough, I can not bear it!
Then aunt came in. What happened?
Aunty saw that Rohin’s cocks had penetrated halfway inside my pussy, Aunt stood behind me and caught me with both hands and said, “What are you, Rohin, and how much do you crave honey!” Do not give up, no man! What is waiting for now?
And Rohan put the whole cocks inside my pussy.

I began to tremble in full blaze and started shaking, he started sucking cock inside the cock.
I did not even imagine such a … Now it was fun, aunt was caressing my body.

When I started sucking pussy tight then Aunt left us and left. Now I started giving full support to Rohan and was enjoying the fun of fucking by pushing while enjoying. I was both happy with Rohan.
At that time Rohan increased the speed and she started throwing all my stuff into my chute. I was also going to die, I also hit the bottom two times, I started to calm down too.

We both began to calm each other’s heat, sticking to each other.
In a while I fixed my gown.

And then aunt came in. Then I got confused with her.
He said – Have fun?
He was refocusing his hand in my back.
Now seeing my granny spreading on my lads, I understood that I had a lot of fun.

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